Oral Cancer Screenings

Our comprehensive dental examinations go beyond routine cleaning to detect early signs of oral diseases, tooth decay, and gum disease. Including detailed oral cancer screenings, our approach enhances successful treatment outcomes. Dr. Megan Borak and our team prioritize informed, tailored care and transparent communication, ensuring your dental health decisions are well-guided and your oral health is thoroughly protected.

Quincy Street Dental Oral Cancer Screening
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The Significance of Regular Dental Examinations:

Our skilled professionals at Quincy Street Dental extend beyond traditional teeth cleaning, actively searching for any signs of oral diseases, infections, early indicators of gum disease, missing fillings, and tooth decay. By vigilantly detecting and addressing minor changes at their onset, we not only preserve the brilliance of your smile but also protect you from more severe health outcomes.

Oral Cancer Screening - A Proactive Approach:

Recognizing the critical role of early detection in combating cancer, our comprehensive check-ups include detailed oral cancer screenings. This proactive measure allows us to identify and address potential issues promptly, significantly enhancing the chances of successful treatment and recovery.

Informed Diagnosis and Tailored Treatment Planning:

At Quincy Street Dental, we believe in empowering our patients with knowledge about their dental health options. Dr. Megan Borak and our dedicated team are committed to transparent communication, providing thorough explanations and clear, honest advice to assist you in making informed decisions regarding your dental care. Your concerns are our top priority, and we ensure that all treatment plans are discussed and agreed upon with your understanding and consent.

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