Deep Cleanings

Deep cleanings are essential for tackling bacteria and plaque beneath the gumline to prevent periodontal disease. This specialized procedure involves thorough cleaning down to the tooth roots, smoothing them to discourage bacterial adherence, and promoting a healthy gum-tooth interface. Follow-up care and adjustments to routine cleanings are provided to maintain long-term oral health.

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Understanding Deep Cleanings

While routine dental cleanings form the cornerstone of dental care, focusing on cavity prevention and gum health, deep cleanings become crucial when issues extend below the gumline. Unlike regular cleanings recommended bi-annually, deep cleanings, or scaling and root planing, target the elimination of bacteria, plaque, and calculus beneath the gums to prevent gum disease.

The Distinction of Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning is a specialized procedure designed to arrest the advancement of periodontal disease. It involves meticulous cleaning down to the tooth roots, removing plaque and tartar using both handheld scalers and ultrasonic instruments. This process not only cleans but also smoothens the tooth roots, discouraging bacterial adherence and fostering a healthy gum-tooth interface.

Indications for Deep Dental Cleaning

Be vigilant for signs of gum disease, such as persistent bad breath, loose teeth, bleeding or swollen gums, and gaps between teeth and gums. A deep cleaning is often identified as necessary during a standard dental check-up through gum pocket measurements. Early intervention can render deep cleaning a singular requirement, subsequently maintained by proper oral hygiene practices.

Post-Procedure Care and Comfort

Post-deep cleaning, some patients may experience sensitivity or minor swelling. Our team recommends:

  • Avoiding eating while numb
  • Eschewing acidic or hard foods
  • Utilizing over-the-counter pain relief if needed
  • Completing any prescribed antibiotic courses
  • Rinsing with salt water to aid healing
  • Persistent bleeding beyond 48 hours should prompt immediate contact with our office.

Commitment to Oral Health Post-Deep Cleaning

Following a deep cleaning, Quincy Street Dental will arrange follow-up appointments to ensure healing and discuss preventive measures, potentially adjusting the frequency of regular cleanings to safeguard against future deep cleaning needs.

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